Catamaran Tour in Manuel Antonio

The pioneers of catamaran tour in the area since 1989

The company organizes transportation to pick you up at you hotel or Airbnb and take you to the Marina Pez Vela in Quepos where the fun begins! Your guide of the day will escort you to the 82 feel long and 34 feet wide boat and give you a brief explanation about the tour and safety instructions on board. From here you take off from the marina and start looking for dolphins and other wildlife. You sail along the beautiful coast of Quepos bay and the Manuel Antonio National Park and your guides will tell you about the history of the area, the wildlife and anything there is to know about Manuel Antonio National Park. The boat has a shaded, second floor where you can enjoy the beautiful view with a nice, cold drink in your hand! The boat is equipped with nets in front for those who likes to chill and sunbathe.


All ages are welcome onboard!

Price $80 + sales tax 13%

Infant ages (5 and under) $30 + sales tax 13%

This tour has a minimum of 12 people to operate. If the 12 people minimum is not met the tour will be rescheduled.


(9:00 am - 12:30 md)

(2:00 pm - 5:30 pm)


Meal and drinks
Snokeling equipment
Safety equipment
Hand sanitizing gel

What to bring

Catamaran Tour in Manuel Antonio
Catamaran Tour in Manuel Antonio

On this catamaran tour there is a great chance to see dolphins, different kinds of marine birds and during the migration of the humpback whales you might be lucky to spot a mamma with her baby cruising around the coastline of the Manuel Antonio beaches. However, we do like to remind our guests that during this tour we are the visitors in their natural habitat and therefore nothing is guaranteed. The crew has many years of experience and knows exactly where to look for them which is why there is a great chance you will see the dolphins. After hopefully seeing dolphins and experiencing the beautiful nature around the Manuel Antonio National Park, the boat heads back towards Quepos bay but makes a stop in Biezans bay for you to enjoy some fun water activities. The crew will be ready to help you at all times during the tour and to serve you delicious drinks. Different juices of local fruit (mixed with alcohol if you wish) or water to make sure to keep you hydrated in the Costa Rican heat.

The atmosphere on board is fun and cheerful. The boat has two waterslides, you will be equipped with snorkeling gear to go and swim among beautiful, colorful fish and for those who loves a good adrenaline kick, it is possible to jump off the second floor of the boat. After the water activities a meal will be served. NB: if you have any allergies or other food restrictions do not hesitate to contact us and we will take care of your needs. After enjoying playful time in the water and a delicious meal the boat will slowly be heading back to the marina. Here your transportation will be waiting to take you back to your accommodations. This tour is fun, family friendly and full of pura vida! Book now to experience this stunning boat trip in Manuel Antonio – where the lushes rainforest meets the beautiful deep blue ocean.  

Sailing along the coast of Quepos and Manuel Antonio National Park

Morning tour

Catamaran Tour in Manuel Antonio
Dolphin watching

As in the afternoon tour, the snorkels during the summer are magnificent due to the low tides, clear waters and sunny days the boat is also perfect at any time of the day for those who are looking for a tan or for those who want to jump from the roof or use the slides.

Afternoon tour

Sunset Tour
Sunset Tour

The afternoon tour is very popular for its incredible sunsets and snorkeling, thanks to sunlight and clear waters, this is possible during the summer between December and May after those months sunsets are not guaranteed daily so it can rain during the afternoon.

Catamaran Tour in Manuel Antonio
Fish Kebabs
Catamaran Tour in Manuel Antonio
drinks included

Food and drinks on the catamaran

This meal typically consists of fish kebab, a cold salad of pasta accompanied by delicious fresh local fruit (pineapple and watermelon). The menu is the same as for the morning and afternoon tour. If you have any allergies or other food restrictions do not hesitate to contact us and we will take care of your needs.

The catamaran crew & safety on board

The crew on board is very friendly and super pura vida. The company prides in excellent customer service and the guides are in charge of providing a high quality service on board. The entire crew has the adequate background to work on the high seas certified by the National Institute of Learning INA. The entire deck crew is bilingual, which means that passengers will have full service in both Spanish and English.

The safety on board is extremely important for the crew, and they are all well prepared. This tour is all about creating an amazing experience for you in a safe setting, which is why it is important for you to pay attention during the safety instructions and at all times follow instructions from your guide. The boat has enough lifejackets for all the passengers and more to spare.

Snorkeling and water activities in Biesanz Bay

Catamaran Tour in Manuel Antonio
Sergeant Major
Catamaran Tour in Manuel Antonio
Catamaran Tour in Manuel Antonio

Heading back to Marina Pez Vela we make a stop at the stunning surroundings of Biesanz Bay. Here the lushes rainforest meets the deep, blue ocean creating an amazing atmosphere for your water activities. During low tide you are able to spot the top of a volcanic rock providing home to hundreds of colorful fish swimming around minding their daily business and not even paying attention to the snorkeling guests around them.
After exploring the marine life beneath the surface it is time to have fun! The boat is equipped with two waterslides and for the daredevils it is possible to jump from the second floor.

Experiences during the Catamaran tour around Manuel Antonio National Park

The following images have been shared directly by the company operating this tour. However, we like to remind our guests that it is simply not possible to make any promises or guarantees regarding wildlife, since we are in their natural habitat and not a zoo. Depending on the circumstances it is very possible to spot dolphins in this area and during the migration of the humpback whales they frequently cruise these waters, as well. Even with little animal activity this tour takes place in one if the most beautiful settings in Costa Rica and it is definitely recommendable.

Catamaran Tour in Manuel Antonio
Long island
Catamaran Tour in Manuel Antonio
Cathedral point
Catamaran Tour in Manuel Antonio
Quepos Point

The islands of Manuel Antonio were formed millions of years ago as a result of seismic activity. Today they are home of a hundred of seabirds, that you will see from the catamaran.

What to expect when doing the catamaran tour

Between the coast of Manuel Antonio and Quepos, dolphin sightings are very common. Along with dolphins, marine birds and turtles it is possible to see humpback whales migration from the south when they are in breeding season in the months of July to mid-September. And the northern migration from December to March.

Spotted Dolphin
Spotted Dolphin
Whale watching
Whale watching
Brown booby bird
Brown booby bird

Recommendations for going on catamaran tour in Manual Antonio

For this tour we recommend that you bring swimsuit, light clothing, towels, a hat and sunblock to protect your skin. The boat has plenty of shaded areas, but the Costa Rican sun is super strong and it only amplifies when on the water. If your skin is not used to this, you need to really be protective of it. The construction of a catamaran makes the sailing much smoother than going on a regular sailboat. In case you do struggle with seasickness it is recommended that you take a motion sickness pill before, but our experience is that most people do not feel any discomfort on a regular day.

If you would like to purchase pictures taken by a professional and really talented photographer or tip your guides, we recommend that you bring cash. Either dollars or the local currency – colones. Other than that you only have to bring your adventurous spirits and a lot of Pura Vida! The rest will be taken care of.

Be respectful of your surroundings – people, animals and environment.