Manuel Antonio Zipline - Canopy Adventure

The company providing this Canopy Zipline tour is the oldest one in the Central Pacific area and has existed since 1997. They have a 100% safety record and provide great service, safety and an excellent atmosphere from the very moment, they pick you up at your hotel until they drop you off again. This experience is great for all levels and all ages. It attracts everyone from thrill-seekers to nature-enthusiasts, and we guarantee you that the professional and experienced staff will take good care of you! Don’t waste your time and book this adventure right now!


A typical style breakfast or lunch
ICT professionally trained bilingual guides
All Zipline equipment
Professional photographer


8:00 am - Morning tour

1:00 pm - Afternoon tour

What to bring

Sturdy shoes
Light clothing
Cash if you want to buy the HQ photos and to tip your guides

The schedule of the Zipline Tour Manuel Antonio

The fun happens right in the heart of a protected rainforest in a place called Paso Real a 45 minutes ride away from Quepos downtown. The transportation is in a safe, air-conditioned, minivan that takes you deep into the African-palm oil plantation that surrounds the mountains of Fila Chonta. Enjoy this very particular type of nature and the beautiful views as you slowly climb the mountains.

After 45 minutes you will arrive to a secluded, private restaurant located next to a pristine river. Here the crew gives a safety speech, prepares you for the activities, helps you put on the harness and, depending on which tour (morning or afternoon), they serve you a traditional Costa Rican dish – either breakfast or lunch.

Manuel Antonio Zipline

The tour consists of 10 ziplines, 2 rappels, a suspension-bridge, a Tarzan-swing and you end the tour with style with the famous Superman! The very first zipline takes off from the restaurant. From here you will take a 10-minutes hike in the rainforest to get to the next platform. When you reach the second platform, your guides will provide you with a wet, cooling towel to cool you off after the small walk in the humid rainforest accompanied with a sip of cold water.

From here on the fun really takes off! With total guidance, and secured by your guides, you will be guided from one platform to the next. You can choose to go without hands or even upside-down for the true daredevils! Before you know it, zipline number 10 takes you right back to the restaurant. Here the crew helps you remove the harness and the transportation takes you a few hundred meters away from the restaurant for the ultimate ending of your experience – The Superman! Here the crew will help you put on a different harness that supports your entire front body for the last, and the longest, cable that also ends at the restaurant.

Manuel Antonio Zipline

After the tour you will be provide with natural refreshments – water or juices made from local, fresh fruits such as pineapple, tamarin or a nice cup of Costa Rican coffee. After you cool off and check out the beautiful surroundings, the transportation will take you back to Quepos or back to you hotel. The total duration of this tour is about five hours.

Long-lasting memories in Zipline Manuel Antonio

During the activities you will be able to spot the company’s super talented, professional, photographer hiding in the bushes to snap the most incredible pictures of you and your family enjoying the fun. When you return to the restaurant he will show you the pictures of your Zipline adventure on a big screen and if you want to you can purchase the pictures, which will be sent to you by e-mail within 48 hours. All the pictures are high quality.

Manuel Antonio Zipline
Manuel Antonio Zipline

The place

Doing Zipline Manuel Antonio with the area’s oldest and most recognized company will assure you a sublime experience, where the combination of the adventurous activities, the friendly staff and the beautiful surroundings will make this experience unforgettable.

The restaurant is located in the mountains, in a protected rainforest, next to a small river. Next to the restaurant you will find a small butterfly garden, where you can experience all different kind of butterflies, a serpentarium where you can see different kind of snakes – venomous and non-venomous that lives in the wild of Costa Rica. There is also a crocodile-pond where you can see a crocodile up-close!

About your tour guides on the canopy tour

The crew consists of 6-8 tour guides, who are all trained, certified and SUPER friendly locals from the area and they can tell you all about the history of the area, the industries the locals rely on and they know everything about the nature and the animals you will see on the ride to the locations and on the Zipline Tour. These guys have been working together for years and it is so obvious that each of them knows their place and not once will you catch one of them in the wrong place at the wrong time. You can tell that they are used to the whole drill, but not in any moment are they not cautious. They are able to joke around and have fun with the guests, but they always have one eye on every guest and are super aware of everyone, which creates a great environment that allows and encourages guests to relax and have fun.

What to expect when doing Zipline in Manuel Antonio

During the entire tour, the friendly and experienced staff will be there to ensure that you have a good and safe Canopy Tour experience. Let go of your fears and thoughts and jump into the lush rainforest, while the staff takes good care of you!

Zipline is an activity that guarantees an adrenaline-kick and a lot of fun, while at the same time allows you to encounter beautiful scenic views. Therefore, it is one of the most popular things to do in the Manuel Antonio area!  

Manuel Antonio Zipline


Along the trail you will rappel down from two platforms 160 feet and 120 feet. Experience the thrill of letting go as you feel weightless right in the middle of the rainforest!

Manuel Antonio Zipline

canopy platforms

The trail consists of 21 platforms and a total of 11 ziplines (including the Superman in the end). The majority of the platforms are securely built around the huge trunks of the solid rainforest trees. As you wait in line for your turn you can enjoy the amazing scenic views from the top of the trees.

Manuel Antonio Zipline

The Safest Zipline Adventure

This activity is excellent for beginners and perfect for all ages! Safety is first priority (next comes fun!) and therefore, the guides perform a safety demonstration before the tour to make sure, everyone feels ready and prepared for the adventures!  Canopy zipline is fun, and thanks to the guides, your adventure will be taken to another level, since they know they job very well and they do it wonderfully.

Manuel Antonio Zipline

Tarzan Swing

Halfway through the trail you will get to the Tarzan swing. Here you will be safely secured to a wire and swing from one platform to the other. Release your inner Tarzan – or Jane and experience the thrill!

Manuel Antonio Zipline

Hanging Bridge

Leading you from one platform to another is a safely built hanging bridge, that allows you to enjoy the stunning views of the tree tops!

Manuel Antonio Zipline


The Superman attraction is a very special experience, where you get to completely let go and feel weightless, supported by the harness.

Recommendations for Zipline Manuel Antonio

For this tour we do recommend you to wear practical clothes, and closed shoes is a must. Because of the altitude you will not find many mosquitos or insects so bug spray might not be necessary. You will spend the majority of the time in shaded areas inside the rainforest and you will not be exposed to direct sunlight a lot, so sunblock is not a must either. If you want to tip your guides or purchase the pictures we recommend to you bring cash! Either dollars or the local currency – colones. Other than that, you only have to bring your adventurous spirits and a lot of Pura Vida! The rest will be taken care of.